Difference between 1/0 and 1/1 and why?

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Key Hint: Answer lies in reading this Question in right way

Formula: Division is Repeated subtraction

Actual reading method of X/Y is === How many times Denominator(Y) in Numerator(X).

And so How many times Y in X till X becomes zero.

So Objective is to find value(Z-How many Times):
How many times Y, in X, till X becomes zero. and simply a value Z (How many times)

so X – (Z)Y = 0. So we need to find value of Z.

To meet this objective we can have multiple methods. One of Simple method is to keep subtracting denominator from numerator till numerator becomes zero.


Question 1: Evaluate 1/0

Solution Hint: How many times, 0(Y) in 1(X)

Solution to Question 1: so 1-0 =1, 1-0=1, 1-0=1 … and same goes to countless times and still numerator is 1.. this is why this is undefined and says countless times infinity(~).


Question 2: Evaluate 1/1

Solution Hint: How many times 1(Y) in 1(X)

Solution to situation 1: so 1-1 =0 … so onces 1(Y) deducted from 1(X), this becomes zero. so this solves with one times and so answer is One.


Question 3: Evaluate 1/2

Solution Hint: How many times 2(Y) in 1(X)

Solution to situation 1: so 1-2 = -1 … so if we deduct 2(Y) from 1(X), this becomes negative number so this is not correct. We need to find exactly how much times(Z) denominator to subtract from numerator, so that numerator becomes zero.

so here 2 is 0.5(times) to become 1 and so

2*0.5 – 1 = 0. And so answer is 0.5 times.