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Court Ordered only two subjects for Class I and II, and Only three subjects for Class III to V. No homework for Class I and II students and disaffiliate defaulter schools. Read In Full to know which all subjects and its detail.

Court identified Basic Questions on curriculum and subjects:

(1) Who is responsible for preparing curriculum?
NCF (National Curriculum Framework) is a means of evolving a national
system of education capable of responding to India’s geographical and cultural milieus while ensuring a common core of values along with academic components. Curriculum Framework (NCF) was approved by Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE). Based on the ideas reflected in NCF, the syllabus committee formulated the syllabus and it was approved by Monitoring Committee appointed by Ministry of Human Resource Development, as per recommendations of CABE.

NCF has been developed as per the mandate of National Policy on Education, 1986 which sets the guidelines and direction for syllabi and textbooks at all school stages.

NCERT is the academic authority to lay down curriculum and evaluation procedures for elementary education for classes I to VIII and schools have been advised strictly to follow the curriculum and the books prescribed by NCERT

National Curriculum Framework (NCF)-2005 brought out by NCERT is the latest curriculum document which guides the NCF – 2005 brought out by NCERT is a curriculum policy document in the area of school education with a purpose to provide quality education.

(2) What to teach in school as per curriculum?
Latest curriculum (NCF-2005) prescribes:

  • Classes I and II – only 2 books namely Language and Mathematics
  • Classes III to V – only 3 books namely, Language, EVS and Mathematics
  • No homework upto class II and two hours a week from class III.
  • NCF 2005 recommends values and ICT to be integrated in subject areas, since in the constructive approach, Children learn to access information rather than rot memorize information from the book including General Knowledge

(3) What normally being taught in schools for class (I) and (II)?
Eight subjects viz., English, Maths, Tamil/some language, Science, Computer Science, General Knowledge, Moral Instructions and Hindi have been prescribed for Class I and II students.

(4) Why Schools not following curriculum and prescribing more books?
CBSE school association responded saying: It is not the intention of the schools to load the children with many books and it is the wish of the parents that the children should be made more knowledgeable and informative to face the competitive arena.

Therefore, neither the schools nor the CBSE could be found fault with for having prescribed more subjects

CBSE School association also said that guidelines of the NCERT are only recommendatory in nature and not mandatory and prescription of the curriculum is solely at the discretion of the schools

Therefore, in the interest of the children, they are being taught more subjects and the parents have not objected to it.

Court observation:

It is shocking and surprising to note that grammar and computer science have been prescribed for Class I students. It is not understandable as to how five year old children could comprehend the concept of computer or understand “General Knowledge”. Further teaching of grammar shall not be a subject for children as per NCERT syllabus Vol I – Elementary level. From the above, it is evident that CBSE schools are unnecessarily pressurizing the children by teaching irrelevant subjects which have not been prescribed by NCERT or by CBSE.

The syllabus has been finalized at various stages by the experts based on the NCF as approved by the Government, according to the age of the children. NCERT syllabus is age appropriate. It is to be noted that the Central Government intends to reduce the existing syllabus by 50% for the school children as per the newspaper reports. Therefore any attempt to prescribe and teach subjects which have not been prescribed by NCERT would definitely affect the children causing unnecessary pressure, fear, stress, mental agony, health hazards etc.

The contention made by the 5th respondent/ CBSE school Association that the NCERT guidelines/circulars are all only recommendatory in nature and not compulsory has to be rejected. When Government of India and NCERT decide about the curriculum, CBSE and the schools affiliated to CBSE are bound to follow the very same syllabus and books prescribed by NCERT.

Order Issued by Court:

  • To Union Government(The Government of India) to direct all the State Governments and union territories forthwith, not to prescribe any homework for Class I & II students in the State Board/Matriculation /Anglo Indian schools.
  • To Union Government(The Government of India) to direct the State Governments forthwith, not to prescribe any other subjects except
    language and Mathematics for Class I & II students and language, EVS and mathematics for Class III to V students as prescribed by NCERT
  • To CBSE, CBSE school Association to prescribe and use NCERT books alone as per CBSE circular dated 09.08.2017 and other circulars.

Order Relating to action, if any school doesn’t follow Order:

  • To all Responding parties including Union Government (The Government of India) and CBSE to disaffiliate schools prescribing homeworks and non-prescribed subjects for Class I and II students and class III to V students.

What’s next? and Where to Get copy of High Court Order?

Its Unfortunate for us as Indian that we have to follow-up with government and officials for even implementation of order. But We don’t have options to keep waiting for implementation of order, so we tweeted with to PM of India to have this order implemented. This tweet also have link to High Court Order.

We would request to retweet and comment, which will help to get this order implemented. This is to protect our children from school mafia who is only interested to sell more books by prescribing more subjects, and trying to ignore actual curriculum designed based on age of students and their development.

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Next Question…

  • Any recommendation from court to make our children better?

High Court given recommendation for students.

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