High Court given संजीवनी बूटी to Parents

High Court given lifesaving details and direction for Parents. Now we parents have choice to either make our children brilliant and smart, or leave them to suffer.

Court Specifically identified and said:

The children are neither weight lifters
nor school bags are loaded containers

Joy, happiness, enthusiasm, trolling, rolling, kicking, running, fighting, playing with other children are natural qualities of the children.

Children are moulded as memory chips to store informations, due to faulty pattern of educational system and to download them in the examinations to prove their memory capacity which is the yardstick to assess and measure the alleged merits of the children.

Bundle of joy and enthusiasm, emotions, curiosity make the innocence of a child.

The said innocence of the child is being robbed of by “ambitious” parents,
“taskmaster” teachers and “result oriented” school managements by
prescribing irrelevant books in the very young age itself. Instead of learning with joy, the children end up rot memorizing, with fear and stress, which in no way could help the children or the parents. Instead of making creative minds, the system only does destruction of younger minds.

Now.. The Questions are

  • Why Court said this?
  • Who is at fault?
  • Any problem with schools?
  • What is responsibility of Government?
  • What is Solution?

High Court answered all these questions in judgement passed in 2018. Please find page with answer to these questions: