Pupas on Teacher’s day @ APN Live !

Pupas Presented view on status of education on 05th Sep 2018 @ APN LIve.

Pupas highlighted:

(1) No progress or plan of work from Goverment on infrastructure

(2) Highlighted the bad modelling of schools causing lower teacher:student ratio, like for Gaurtam Budhh Nagar (Noida/Greater Noida) district:

  • 600+ schools of 1-5 class (primary)
  • 215 schools of 6-8 class (upper primary)
  • Only 6 schools of 9-10 class (secondary)
  • Specially almost nil school opened where new buildings/apartment build and approved by Greater Noida Authority.
  • As all know secondary/higher education expected to be completed by all students in urban areas, whereas secondary education setup is almost nil in each districts. Due to this bad modelling, very less students take admission in government school as for secondary education they again need to route towards private school and here private school deny stating not enough seats available.

(3) Highlighted almost nil work of government to comply with RTE act 2009 where only 2 schools build by government since 2011 whereas 200+ private schools opened since 2011.