Online teaching platform Options – after safety concern raised with Zoom App by MHA and NCPCR

NCPCR – National Commission of child Rights and protection issued instruction to schools on usages of online media platform.

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Order dated 17.04.2020 of NCPCR (National Commission of child Rights and protection) issued instruction to schools on usages of online media platform with following key points:

  • In case the school/instituation is conducting online classes using any such application/social media platform, the responsibility to ensure safety of children in the digital space shall be of the school/institution.
  • The partitipation of children in virtual classrooms should be under parental supervision. For this the school/instituations should provide proper orientation to parents.
  • The login ids should not be made in name of the students and the students should only be attending the online class/interaction as a guest.

…Safety and security of children in the digital infrastruture (online education) is also the responsibility of the school. Neglecting the safety and security in any manner shall attract strict action against the school/inistitution under section 75 of the juvenile Justice Act 2015 and other relevant sections of the existing laws.

Note: If anyone have any information about websites who provide free or lowcost education with static content and innovative approach, please inform us