Multidimensional Approach to Fight corrupt education system

Problem Statement: We parents are taking admission of our children to impart education in school. Goal of each parents is to see their children successful. However current situation of schools completely destroyed objective of parents.

Here is news coverage by Cityspider on multidimensional approach to fight corrupt education system:

Ghaziabad: Tired over fee hike, parents devise plans to begin own school
Posted: Apr 11, 2018     By Abid Hussain Barlaskar

Tired of worrying about fee hikes, unexplained charges and a host of other problems, a group of parents of children studying in Indirapuram Public School, Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad have planned to start a school of their own.

The parents said that the school had recently barred around thirty-eight students from attending classes as they had not cleared pending fees. Further, the parents claimed that they had held back the fees as it was hiked without consulting them and also included some unexplained charges.

Shailendra Kumar Singh, a resident of Crossings Republik whose daughter is among the barred students, is coordinating with parents of the other affected children. These parents have now planned to start a school on their own for their children. The motto of the school will be – ‘For the parents, By the parents.’

Singh said that the Indirapuram Public School had informed parents in an email that it had allowed the students to attend classes for the session 2017-2018 despite pending payments. The school further mentioned that it could not continue to do so till the dues were cleared.

“According to the initial plan we will take a 3-4 BHK flat on rent where three-four teachers will impart education. On an average, one teacher will take care of around ten-fifteen students. The institution will also have security guards, internet connection, cameras and other necessary high tech facilities,” Singh said.

While speaking to City Spidey, Singh claimed that the newly planned school will have to overcome a host of challenges.

“Firstly, we will have to get the upcoming school affiliated to either the CBSE or UP state board and complete other necessary paperwork. We would also require infrastructure and have to mentally prepare the children for a new set up. The children are used to the idea of a school having rows of classes, playgrounds and other facilities. However, our set up will be devoid of these. We can gather adequate funds for the school. We have teachers, a new concept and the parents are ready to face the odds,” Singh further added.

“We will continue our fight. We are not sending our children to the Indirapuram Public School and neither will we shift them to any other school for now,” said Singh.

Meanwhile, professional teachers who are also residents of local high rises of Crossings Republik have decided to contribute to the cause. Neelam Bajpai, a teacher and a resident of GH 7 society who also runs a coaching centre is ready to contribute a few hours daily for the cause.

“I have been associated with education for quite some time and I understand what children’s education means to parents. I get three to four hours of free time every day in which I can teach the children,” Bajpai told City Spidey.