CBSE Realizes Basics of Education and Power of Teachers

Good to see that CBSE realizes that Its Teacher who is important. School is just a platform to connect students and teachers.

Key Pointers from CBSE letter:

  • The real gamechanger here is “Teacher”. A qualified, trained, passionate, affectionate and a teacher who loves his/her profession can shift the paradigm of the entire Indian education system. The role of society, government, schools and teachers themselves will be very important in it.
  • This time of “lockdown” has brought golden opportunity to children, teachers and parents.

  • “It is also necessary to mention here that the same basic subjects are taught in most countries of the world that are on highest pedestal of education as being taught in India. So where is the deficiency? Where is the gap? where is the problem? In fact, the real game here is about the methods of teaching and learning.”
  • It is about the teaching-learning process. It is about the Curriculum. It is about the pedagogy.
  • We(In India) insist on teaching, they(Abroad) insist on learning of things.
  • We (In India) emphasize on content; they (Abroad) emphasize on the learning outcome.
  • We (In India) emphasize on knowledge; they (Abroad) emphasize on the use of knowledge.