CBSE Mandate on NCERT Books Dec 2017

We know irregularities of schools on Books and stationary where private publisher books are intentionally made essential by schools to get profit, Wheras these books are

  • Heavy weight
  • Small children bound to carry many KG of load on their shoulders.
  • Adverse impact to Our Environment as these books are not reusable. Many trees are cut for paper supply of these books.
  • High Cost

CBSE issued circular CBSE/AFF/CIRCULAR/16A/2017 dated 18.12.2017. Key pointers of circular:

  • The CBSE … has directed the schools not to force children and their parents to buy textbooks other than NCERT/CBSE textbooks.

  • The NCERT, in order to augment the availability of NCERT books for the students of CBSE affiliated schools, has called for indent through their website for purchase of books as per requirement assessed by the schools.

  • The schools can open small outlets for supply of only NCERT books and shall not sell books of any other publishers…. …. It may be noted that selling books other than NCERT books in these shops , will be considered a violation of this circular, and will attract action against the school.

For full circular click below:

NCERT books CIRCULAR 16a 181217