27 Nov 19- HIGH Court Ordered Indirapuram Public School to allow student to attend classes

High Court order is a major progress where multiple school irregularities are still uncontrolled and eating our society day by day.

In Given case, child debarred by CBSE Affiliated school for Many Months as parents raised concern on school irregularities, Violation of fee hike norms, capitation fee, Not using NCERT Books.

Delhi High Court on 27th Nov 2019 issued order:

  • To Father of student – Deposit fee in Delhi High Court,
  • To School – Allow student to attend classes
  • To Uttar pradesh Government – File reply to complaint
  • To School – File reply to complaint
  • To Father of student – File reply to CBSE response on complaint.
  • To parent – Give court order to school and Uttar Pradesh government by Hand.

Earlier There was more than 50 complaints filled with Uttar Pradesh Govt, CBSE and CPGRAMS(Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring system, however there was no serious action taken against complaint and all are just closed by writing letters.