1 Nov 19 – DIOS Ghaziabad Wrote to CBSE to clarify on NCERT Book mandate in CBSE Affiliated school

Text book usages in CBSE Affiliated private schools is being one of most complex discussion. After extensive debates in Madras HIGH court, court orderd to use NCERT Book. However CBSE usage “May” keyword for using NCERT books, which created gap and given option to use private publisher books by CBSE affiliated private schools.

Later This year Delhi High court also rejected private books publisher association application who challenged Delhi Govt Decision to use only NCERT Books in Delhi Schools.

There is technical reason given for using NCERT Books which gives enough boosters to students to explore things than just rote memorizing it.

Private Schools have bigger problem to use NCERT Books, because expert and proficient teachers needed to teach these books. So, they use private publisher books which is simple and any teacher just run through books and while doing so schools do not have dependency on teachers.

Another factor is price, each NCERT Books are priced at 55-60 Rs where private publisher books are priced 200-600 rs and there is lot of profit margin in these books.

To have clarity, DIOS Ghaziabad wrote to CBSE to clarify on Books.